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Cornelis Meyssens, "Achacy Przylecki (according to a portrait by Daniel Schultz)" , engraving on copper, 1652, 13,3x17,2 cm, private collection

Very unique engraving on copper by Cornelis Meyssens, one of the best engravers of his times, according to unexisting portrait by the greateest Polish baroque painter - Daniel Schultz the Younger. It's one of the few known Meysens' engravings presenting Polish celebrities, all of them were based on Daniel Schultz's portraits, notoriously not mentioned among signatures. It's the best amoung those mentioned works and one of the most magnificent Meyssens works at all. Signed on the left down corner "Corn. Meyssens Sculpsit." on the right the same information on engraving's publisher "Ioan.Meyssens exud. Antverpiae". Very good condition, visible shape of the copper table, printed on much bigger card of an old paper.

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