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"Our Lady, from the Landmarks necessary to avoid suffering series"
Pawel Kowalewski

"Cock and Hens"
Daniel Schultz the Younger
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>> "A Uhlan and a Girl", Wojciech Kossak
>> "A.Kozianski's Printing House 1909 Calendar", Henryk Szczyglinski
>> "Abandoned", Konstanty Laszczka
>> "Abside of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris", Jozef Pankiewicz
>> "Abstract Composition", Tadeusz Kantor
>> "Abstract Composition", Katarzyna Kobro
>> "Accusation of a Patrician of Stealing Church Property", ? Master of the legend of St. John the Alms-Giver
>> "Achacy Przylecki (according to a portrait by Daniel Schultz)", Cornelis Meyssens
>> "Achievements (the Artist's Family)", Wlodzimierz Tetmajer
>> "Adam and Eve", Tamara de Lempicka
>> "Adoration of the Magi", Szymon Czechowicz
>> "After the Wedding", Gerhard Urbanek
>> "Afty", Andrzej Urbanowicz
>> "Agora, detail", Magdalena Abakanowicz
>> "Agora, detail", Magdalena Abakanowicz
>> "Agora, general view", Magdalena Abakanowicz
>> "Ahasverus", Maurycy Gottlieb
>> "Alegorical Self-Portrait", Rafal Malczewski
>> "Alexander Jagiellonian", Jan Matejko's ''Gallery of Polish Kings''
>> "All Souls' Day", Witold Pruszkowski
>> "And the Queue Goes On", Andrzej Wroblewski
>> "And the Queue Still Goes On", Zbylut Grzywacz
>> "Andrzej Leszczynski (according to a portrait by Daniel Schultz)", Jeremias Falck
>> "Angels - Sketch to the Sculptures for St.Anthony's Church in Warsaw", Tylman of Gameren (Gamerski)
>> "Angler", Eugeniusz Zak
>> "Animal under the Tree", Zygmunt Krol
>> "Anna in that Dress Against the Blue Background", Isaac Celnikier
>> "Anna Jagiellonian", Jan Matejko's ''Gallery of Polish Kings''
>> "Annunciation", Jakob Mertens
>> "Annunciation", Wladyslaw Hasior
>> "Aquarium", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk
>> "Armchair in a Landscape", Teresa Pagowska
>> "Artist with Family in Workshop", Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki
>> "Artist's Children", Jan Matejko
>> "Artist's Family House in Gdansk", Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki
>> "Artist's Wife with their Son Stas", Stanislaw Wyspianski
>> "Artuma", Magdalena Abakanowicz
>> "Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary", Francis of Sieradz
>> "At the Padyschah's Orders", Franciszek Zmurko
>> "At the Tailor", Bruno Schulz
>> "Augustus II the Strong", Jan Matejko's ''Gallery of Polish Kings''
>> "Augustus III", Jan Matejko's ''Gallery of Polish Kings''
>> "Australian Landscape", Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy)
>> "Autumn Window", Anna Fornelska

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