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Tylman of Gameren (Gamerski)
pl: Tylman z Gameren (Gamerski)
[1632 Utrecht - 1706 Warsaw]
Tylman of Gameren was born in Netherlands but most of his life, 44 years, he spent in Poland. Educated in Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy Tylman was real man of the renaissance with the difference that he was born and lived in age of baroque.
Tylman was famous as a painter, engraver, drawer and architect, in Venice he became popular as a painter of battle scenes and nudes, unfortunately none of his paintings from the Venetian period is known nowadays.
Probably in Venice Tylman met one of the members of Poland's high society - Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski, on whose invitation he came to Poland.
This meeting was beginning of his long friendship with Lubomirski. Tylman engraved illustrations to several Lubomirski's poems and designed many buildings on his order.

Tylman's house at Piwna street 31 in Warsaw (second from the left).
King Michael Korybut Wisniowiecki appointed him republic’s of Poland general architect and contracted as his court artist. Few years later Tylman got Polish noble title and was given new surname – Gamerski, however not as a award for his achievements in engineer work but for braveness during the battle under Chocim, in 1673 , against Turks, where he fought as a volunteer. He took part also in the campaign of Vienna and the battles under Vienna and Parkany, in 1683.
It seems that Tylman felt something more than just a sympathy to Poland - he even used to call himself a Pole. He married a Pole, lived in Warsaw, where he had a house on Piwna street 31. He died in Warsaw and was buried out there.
During his stay in Poland Tylman stopped to paint and worked only as a architect, so far we know about only one picture painted by Tylman in Poland.

Tylman of Gameren left about 1100 projects. 800 of them survived in Warsaw’s University Library. It is an unique and the biggest, in scale of the whole globe, collection of works by one baroque architect. All of his sketches prove Tylman's high artistic skill and great creativity, what makes them something more than just building plans - they are really enchanting artworks.

Artist achieved much during his lifetime - he was wealthy and famous all over the Europe. Tylman of Gameren was surely one of the best architects of his age and the father figure of so-called classicistic direction in 17th century’s baroque architecture in Europe.

Buildings designed by Tylman can be seen in Cracow (Saint Ann's Church), Warsaw (first of all stunning Krasinski Palace), Gdansk (Royal Chappell), Rzeszow (castle and Piarist church) and Wegrow (whole urban and architectural conception of the city’s center). His archive and part of personal library is owned by Warsaw’s University Library.

Another interesting detail from Tylman’s biography is his role in discovering art talent of young court musician of Franciszek Maksymilian Ossolinski. This boy was named Szymon Czechowicz. He became surely most creative religious painter in Poland of 18’th century.
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-- "Angels - Sketch to the Sculptures for St.Anthony's Church in Warsaw"-- "First Page of Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski's Adverbium Moralium"-- "Self-Portrait (?)"
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