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What is is world biggest and most powerful site about Polish Art and the only one fully bilingual resource on it.
We present web biggest collection of masterworks by Polish Painters.

I own a painting by Polish painter, can I sell it through the agent of

YES. We're running special section of our page called "art for sale", where all paintings offered through the agent of can be published. Adding an offer is free, however from every successful transaction we take comission.
Painting can be published only under several conditions.

What are those conditions?

Required documents are - painting's certificate of authenticity. You'll also need to fill special declaration in which you agree to sell painting through the agent of

How big is your comission?

It depends on the final price of the painting. Basically we are much cheaper than traditional art galleries and auction houses. Usually its a number between 5 and 15% - the biggest value of the offered painting, the smallest commission.

What makes nazwa different from traditional art galleries?

Firstly audience - surely your painting will be seen by many more possible buyers form all around the world.
Secondly - we don't physically need the painting to sell it. It can remain on your wall till it'll be sold.
And last one - our provision is much smaller than in traditional galleries and auction houses (they take even 50% of the item's value). Furthermore it's cheaper and more attractive for the buyer - he don't need to pay so-called "organization costs" (usually 8 to 10% depending on auction house).

Are the prices negotiable?

If the picture's description tells that price is negotiable, it means that we wait for price offers and it’ll be sold for the highest.
However in case of pictures which prices are precisely told possibility of negotiating the price depends on each seller’s disposition made while offering the painting for sale. In that case you'll need to mail us.

Can I use reproductions downloaded from your site for my purposes?

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Can I publish a mirror of your site on my server?

NO. It requires our written permission.

Where can I add an event to your site?

Mail it to

I own a painting by … . Can I add its reproduction to

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I'd like to advertise on

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I'd like to cooperate with

We'll be happy to have you among us!
We're searching for people, who would like to help us running

What guarantee I've that painting you are selling is not a fake?

We do care about it. Seller did proved us authenticity of the painting and signed an agreement with declaring he really owns the item and that he would like to sell it.

I wanted to buy a book and a poster from your shop but then I was redirected to another site, why?

It means that this product is being sold and shipped by other company and the order must be posted through their site.

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