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-banners was established in 1999. Since then it is the biggest web resource on Polish art.
During those years we've built web biggest digital gallery of reproductions of works of art made by from painters Poland and those who used to work in this country.

We're hoping to become real almanac about Polish art, but without limiting ourselves to showing pictures and biographies. We present freshest news, events and offer art for sale. Our goal is international audience and the fact that we physically don't need to have the painting in our hands to offer it for sale, so it can remain in your collection until it will be sold.

Thing that makes different from other sites about Polish art is that we are only site which is maintained and published in two languages - English and Polish. Almost every single information is published in both languages, except those strictly local. was one of the first and yet is the biggest web resource about Polish art, fully bilingual, with thousands hits a day, high position in search engines and international audience. is also accessible through the addresses:


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