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-- Jerzy Duda Gracz
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-- "Night Watch", Jacek Sroka
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-- Anna Fornelska, "Girl with Flowers", 3500 euro
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Right now database contains
370 artists and 1314 of their masterworks.
All available in English and Polish.
--new additions
--["Freitag Carving the Bust of Hevelius", Wilhelm August Stryowski (a.k.a. Stryjowski), 2008.10.13
--["Drunk Girl", Wojciech Weiss, 2008.10.13
--["Girl", Artur Nacht Samborski, 2008.10.13
--["Abstract Composition", Tadeusz Kantor, 2008.10.12
--["Ecce Homo", Wojciech Weiss, 2008.10.12
--["Portrait of Pola Negri", Tadeusz Styka, 2008.10.12
--["Portrait of a Patrician Girl", Anton Möller, 2008.10.12
--["Nude", Zbigniew Pronaszko, 2008.04.21
--["Portrait of the Artist's Wife", Zbigniew Pronaszko, 2008.04.21
--["Ophelia", Artur Grottger, 2008.04.21
--["By a Prison", Artur Grottger, 2008.04.21
--["Children Scale", Andrzej Wroblewski, 2008.04.21
--["Veranda", Jaroslaw Modzelewski, 2008.04.21
--["Contemplation", Lukasz Korolkiewicz, 2008.04.21
--["Landscape", Roman Kochanowski, 2008.04.21
--["Winter Landscape", Roman Kochanowski, 2008.04.21
--["Saint Madeleine", Edward Dwurnik, 2008.04.21
--["Snowed Giewont", Leon Wyczolkowski, 2008.04.21
--["Dragon of Wawel", Witold Pruszkowski, 2008.04.21
--["Grave", Jadwiga Sawicka, 2008.04.21
--["Wanderings", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.25
--["Winter", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.25
--["Golden Land", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.25
--["Signs", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.25
--["Aquarium", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.24
--["Two Montains", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.24
--["Composition", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.24
--["Night Wanderings", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.24
--["Grey Fields", Malgorzata Jenta-Dmitruk, 2008.03.24
--["Indian Summer", Jerzy Duda Gracz, 2008.03.09
--["Tower", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Untitled", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Untitled", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Untitled", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Untitled", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Untitled", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Magic House, from the cycle Painter's Life", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Lightness of Being, from the cycle Painter's Life", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Garden", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Begining of the Ocean", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Tide of Dreams", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["World of Creation, from the cycle Painter's Life", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Bow", Jerzy Dmitruk, 2008.03.09
--["Night Watch", Jacek Sroka, 2008.03.09

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"Free admission to the exhibition "Generation'80""
--[ news--[01.12.2010--21:10
We have the pleasure to announce, that admission to the exhibition "Generation'80" is free each day of the week, beside the admission rates to the other exhibitions.

time: 1st December 2010 - 16th January 2011
place: National Museum, the Main Building, Cracow
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"Welcome to the exhibition season!"
--[ news--[15.05.2010--02:01
Season of exhibitions in 2010 has already begun.
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"New Year, New Exhibitions"
--[ news--[22.01.2008--18:19
2008 starts in Polish museums as not many of previous years. recommends following of the new exhibitions: "Trip to the Between Wars", National Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 17th of January – 30th of March 2008; "Zygmunt Pronaszko. Works from the collections of the National Museum in Cracow", National Museum, Cracow, Poland, 17th of January – 30th of March 2008; "Danuta Leszczyńska-Kluza. Past – Future", ZPAP Gallery, Cracow, Poland, till the end of January 2008.
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"New works and new reproductions"
--[ news--[02.11.2007--10:11
Beside the fact that offers you new additions every week, we continue our successful proccess of replacing old reproductions with their newer, more faithful and better versions. In case of the new paintings we concentrate on supplementing galleries of already added artists, so they would be more complete encountering their lifetime achievements. In connection to this we enriched the galleries of Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jozef Pankiewicz, Andrzej Wroblewski, Henryk Siemiradzki, Magdalena Abakanowicz and many others. Relaying on that policy the number of new artists at will be temporarily small.
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"End of the Translocation"
--[ news--[06.05.2007--11:36
Today translocation of the site has ended. Now it's available several times faster and better, from the biggest server-rooms in Poland. All the domains are directed to the new server. However during the moving some problems might have occurred, that's why we'd like to ask all the viewers to inform us about any malfunctions in the site content, like for example missing reproductions. Thank you. We'd like also to apologize again for the past inconveniences in accessing
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"Access problems"
--[ news--[04.05.2007--17:06
Due to the problems with accessing that have occurred during last 7 days we've decided to change physical location of the server on which the site is installed. We'd like to apologize for all inconveniences it might cause during next 48h.
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